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G13CRA3   $100 Fine
G13DRA3   $100 Fine
G13GRA3   $150 Fine
G13ERA3   $200 Fine
G13FRA3   $200 Fine
G13HRA3   $250 Fine
G13IRA3   $250 Fine
AL1218RA5   (Alabama) Handicap Reserved Parking $50 Fine
AR1218RA5   (Arkansas) Handicap Reserved Parking Permit Required
ST-8_PL-14   (Blank) Customer Parking Only / Tow Away Styrene Sign
ST-8_PK-23   (Blank) Parking Only / Tow Away Styrene Sign
ST-8_PL-13   (Blank) Parking Only / Tow Away Styrene Sign
CA2424RA   (California) Unauthorized Vehicles Towed
G61RA5   (Florida) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
GA1218RA   (Georgia) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
HA1218RA5   (Hawaii) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
MA1218RA5   (Massachusetts) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
MN1218RA5   (Minnesota) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
G301ARA3   (Missouri) $50-$300 Fine
G301RA3   (Missouri) $50-$300 Fine
G300RA5   (Missouri) Handicap Reserved Parking Fine
NV1218RA5   (Nevada) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
R1012RA   (New Jersey) Penalty Fine Tow Away Zone
R78ERA   (North Carolina) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
R78ENRA   (North Carolina) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine (with arrows)
R78DRA   (North Carolina) Max Penalty $250
G86RA3   (North Carolina) Van Accessible
PA1218RA5   (Pennsylvania) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
G61MDRA5   (Southern Florida) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
TX1224NRA   (Texas) Handicap Reserved Permit Only
VA1218RA   (Virginia) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
VA12BRA4   (Virginia) Penalty Fine Tow Away Zone
WA1218RA5   (Washington) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
WI1218RA5   (Wisconsin) Handicap Reserved Permit Only Fine
R69CRA5   15 Minute Parking sign
R11RA8_18   18" Stop sign
R13CRA3   2-Way sign
R11RA8_24   24" Stop sign
R13BRA3   3-Way sign
R69DRA5   30 Minute Parking sign
R11RA8_30   30" Stop sign
R12RA22   30" Yield sign
R11RA8_36   36" Stop sign
R12RA22_36   36" Yield sign
R13ARA3   4-Way sign
ST-10_911   911 Emergency styrene sign
AFMONLY   A-Frame Men Working Sign
ST-8_R-13   Accessible Parking Only styrene or aluminum sign
ST-7_R-94LDC   Accessible Symbol decal
ST-7_R-94SMDC   Accessible Symbol decal
ST-7_R-94   Accessible Symbol styrene sign
R73RA5   Additional Parking in Rear sign
ST_5_R-156   Against Law to Remove Alcoholic Beverages styrene sign
R88RA5   Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited sign
R210RA5   All Pets on a Leash sign
ST_3_R-161   All Sales Final styrene sign
S215RA5   All Visitors Must Sign In sign
G89RA5   All Visitors Sign In sign
R14RA6   All Way sign
W1114SRA22   Amish Buggy Crossing Warning sign
ST_2_R-86   Apartment for Rent styrene sign
R200RA5   Assigned Parking Only sign
ST-8_R-102   Assigned Parking Only styrene sign
ST_5_R-113   Attention Thieves styrene sign
ST_4_MV-3   Attitude is Everything styrene sign
G70RA5   Authorized Personnel Only sign
G20   Authorized Vehicles Only sign
ST_2_R-67   Beware of Dog styrene sign
ST_5_R-67   Beware of Dog styrene sign
W111SRA22   Bicycle Crossing Warning sign
D111SRA15   Bike Route sign
G62ARA3   Black Horizontal Arrow on White sign
M61RA10   Black Horizontal Arrow on White sign
M63RA10   Black Vertical Arrow on White sign
ST-7_MR-16   Boys (Accessible) triangular styrene sign
ST-7_MR-17   Boys triangular styrene sign
G51RA9   Buckle Up sign
W81RA16   Bump Warning sign
R90RA5   Bus Parking Only sign
ST_2_BH-1   Business Hours Styrene Sign
ST_2_BH-2   Business Hours Styrene Sign
ST_3_BH-1SM   Business Hours styrene sign
D93ARA16   Camping Icon sign
D93PRA11   Camping sign
ST_2_R-105   Cash Only styrene sign
ST_3_R-77   Cash Only styrene sign
ST_4_R-7   Cashier styrene sign
G118RA9   Caution Hidden Drive sign
ST-13_CS-30   Caution Men Working Above styrene sign
W64RA16   Caution sign
G52RA9   Caution Speed Bump sign
ST_2_CS-32   Caution Watch Your Step Styrene Sign
ST_2_R-101   Cell Phones Off styrene sign
R39BRA18   Center Lane Turning Only sign
R107RA5   Church Parking Only sign
W122SRA22   Clearance Height Warning sign
ST_5-W-13A   Closed Circuit Television styrene sign
R72RA5   Compact Cars Only sign
G80RA5   Company Vehicles Only sign
ST-13_CT-4   Construction Personnel Only styrene sign
ST-14_BAR   Consumer Affairs styrene sign
W114SRA22   Cow Crossing Warning sign
ST-10_CPR-1   CPR Emergency styrene sign
UV2400BLANK   Create-Your-Own-Sign
R10RA20   Cross Traffic Does Not Stop sign
G78RA5   Customer Parking Only sign
ST_2_R-19   Customer Parking Only Styrene Sign
G45RA9   Customer Parking/ Tow Away sign
ST-8_PK-21   Customer Parking/ Tow Away Styrene Sign
ST-14_CW-1   Customers Wait Outside styrene sign
ST-13_DS-45   Danger Construction Area styrene sign
ST-13_DS-46   Danger Construction Area styrene sign
ST-13_DS-32   Danger Hard Hat Area styrene sign
ST-13_DS-29   Danger Keep Out styrene sign
ST-13_DS-30   Danger Keep Out styrene sign
ST_9-DS-2   Danger No Smoking styrene sign
ST-13_DS-8   Danger No Trespassing styrene sign
W266RA16   Dangerous Intersection Warning sign
W141RA16   Dead End Warning sign
W164RA16   Deaf Child Area Warning sign
W113SRA22   Deer Crossing Warning sign
M410LRA29   Detour (Left Arrow)
M49LRA21   Detour (Left Arrow)
M410RRA29   Detour (Right Arrow)
M49RRA21   Detour (Right Arrow)
G105LRA11   Diagonal Stripes (Left) Warning sign
G105LRA2   Diagonal Stripes (Left) Warning sign
G105LRA24   Diagonal Stripes (Left) Warning sign
G105RRA11   Diagonal Stripes (Right) Warning sign
G105RRA2   Diagonal Stripes (Right) Warning sign
G105RRA24   Diagonal Stripes (Right) Warning sign
W82RA16   Dip Warning sign
G21   Do Not Block Driveway sign
ST-8_PL-10   Do Not Block Driveway styrene sign
R107R17   Do Not Block Intersection sign
R51ARA16   Do Not Enter sign
R51RA16   Do Not Enter sign
ST-6_R-162   Do Not Enter styrene sign
R41RA17   Do Not Pass sign
S23RA17   Drug Free Gun Free School Zone sign
S29RA9   Drug Free Gun Free School Zone sign
R115RA5   Dumpster for Tenants Only sign
ST_2_ES-6   Emergency Exit Styrene Sign
ST-6_ES-19   Emergency Exit Alarm styrene sign
ST-6_ES-12   Emergency Exit Only decal or styrene sign
ST-6_ES-13   Emergency Exit Only styrene sign
ST-10_SFS-3   Emergency Eye Wash Station styrene sign
ST-10_FAS-7   Emergency First Aid styrene sign
ST-14_EP-1   Emergency Phone Numbers styrene sign
SR3RA5   Emergency Snow Route sign
R7209RA9   Emergency Snow Route/ No Parking over 2" sign
R91RA5   Emergency Vehicles Only sign
G22   Employee Parking Only sign
ST-8_PL-1   Employee Parking Only Styrene Sign
ST-13_BLS-5   Employees Only (English/ Spanish)
ST_2_BLS-5   Employees Only Styrene Sign- English/ Spanish
G202RA33   End Construction
G202BRA25   End Road Work
G113LRA8   Enter (Left Arrow) sign
G113RRA8   Enter (Right Arrow) sign
G110RA8   Enter Only sign
G30RA5   Enter Only sign
G32LRA5   Entrance (Left Arrow) sign
ST-6_EN-3   Entrance (Left Arrow) styrene sign
G32RRA5   Entrance (Right Arrow) sign
ST-6_EN-2   Entrance (Right Arrow) styrene sign
G33RA5   Entrance Only sign
G31RA5   Entrance sign
ST-13_EN-1   Entrance styrene sign
ST-6_EN-1   Entrance styrene sign
ST-6_EN-4   Entrance styrene sign
ST-6_BLS-2   Exit (English/Spanish) styrene sign
G112LRA8   Exit (Left Arrow) sign
G35LRA5   Exit (Left Arrow) sign
ST-6_ES-3   Exit (Left Arrow) styrene sign
G112RRA8   Exit (Right Arrow) sign
G35RRA5   Exit (Right Arrow) sign
ST-6_ES-2   Exit (Right Arrow) styrene sign
G111RA8   Exit Only sign
G36RA5   Exit Only sign
ST-6_ES-15   Exit Only styrene sign
G34RA5   Exit sign
ST_2_ES-1   EXIT Styrene Sign
ST-6_DC-12   Fire Alarm Inside decal
ST-6_DC-17   Fire Break Glass decal
ST-6_FES-53   Fire Dept Connection styrene sign
ST-6_FES-36   Fire Escape styrene sign
ST-6_FES-52   Fire Exit styrene sign
ST-6_FES-1   Fire Extinguisher (Down Arrow) decal or styrene sign
ST_2_FES-2   Fire Extinguisher (Down Arrow) Styrene Sign
ST-6_DC-11   Fire Extinguisher Inside decal
ST-6_DC-20   Fire Extinguisher Inside decal
ST-6_FES-1SY   Fire Extinguisher styrene sign
ST-6_DC-15   Fire Hose decal
W118SRA22   FIre Truck Crossing Warning sign
ST-10_R-72   First Aid Choking styrene sign
ST-10_FAS-1   First Aid Station styrene sign
W207ARA27   Flagger (Custom Distance)
W207SRA22   Flagger Icon
ST-6_DC-32   Flammable decal

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